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Online Shopping Po Box
Shop in the best stores in USA and Europe and we will ship it for you
  • Charge by Weight only
  • Free returns
  • Best rates in the market
  • Fast and 100% safe, free PO Box, payment at origin or destination
Send and Receive packages in more than 50 countries
Perfect for relatives living abroad and for small exporters
  • Air and sea freight shipping
  • Deliveries in America and Europe
  • Payment at origin or destination
  • Pickup Service
Commercial Cargo and Containers
Ideal for businesses with high volume of cargo and for personal shoppers
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Preferential price
  • For import and export businesses
  • We connect all our network; we import and we export from America and Europe without limits of weight
Bonded services in the USA, transit and freight connections
Air and/or sea freight in transit from Asia and Europe to LATAM
  • Located in Miami, FL
  • Perfect for cargo from Asia and Europe to Latin America
  • You can combine cargo of different origins to make a single shipment to one destination
  • Available for air and ocean freight shipping

Shipping, management, tracking, delivery of packages and parcels internationally




Branches worldwide


Satisfied customers



In Liberty Express we have more than 19 years of experience working continuously on the shipment of packages and parcels internationally, which gives us the basis to offer you good service, providing excellent advice and continuously exceeding all your expectations with your deliveries. We offer the security and prices that every customer needs and deserves for their parcel’s shipment. We are shipping solutions for packages to any part of America and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Box?

For every international shipment or online purchases, you need a Box, you must be registered in the destination country where you want to receive.

What are prohibited items?

There is a large number of items that are not allowed to be exported or imported in certain countries. These are customs restrictions of each country that require special permits to comply with the shipments.

Do you want to be a business ally?

Join the great Liberty Express family, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, connecting every day with new destinations, bringing joy to thousands of loved ones and shortening the distance with just one shipment.

How do I choose my delivery location?

Find the location of the nearest store by clicking on the contact option of each country.

How to track my package?

Find out the exact location and status of your shipment in the tracking option of each country

What to do when I receive my package?

Our customers must check their package(s) inside a Liberty Express store, in front of our staff at the time of picking it up or at delivery time. The client has three months (90 days) to pick up his/her package(s), counted from the momment it is in «Available» status, if it doesn`t pick it up within that period the package is considered «Definitive Abandonment». Once the package is definitively abandoned Liberty Express will have the right to dispose of it without the client being able or having the right to claim any compensation.