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Liberty Express offers you a Box to send your purchases online, at no additional cost you will have a Box to make your purchases in the United States, Canada and Europe in the stores of your choice, just indicate the address of the selected store, we will receive your packages and deliver them to your country of residence, or to the place of your choice.

What is a Box for Internet Shopping?

Buy in any online store in the world and receive the package in your country.

How does the Internet Box Service work?

By creating a Liberty Express account in your home country.

You will get a Liberty customer code, which begins with two letters corresponding to your country and then a unique number, for example: CR-123456. We use this number to identify your packages so we know where to deliver them.

Visit the online store of choice from:

Pick the products and add them to the cart.

During checkout you must do the following:

  • Enter your name, last name and Liberty Code
    • The Liberty Code is necessary to quickly identify your package and to be able to deliver it to you.
    • There are some stores systems where you cannot type the Liberty Code in this first step, so you must type it in the Address field Line 2.
    • If we receive a package that is not identified with a Liberty Code number, that package goes to NO ID status until the customer contacts us and proves ownership of the package, as a result your purchases will take longer to be delivered.
  • Delivery Address:
    • You must use the applicable Liberty mailbox address:
      • USA: 8952 NW 24th Ter, Doral, FL 33172. *Tax Free address*
      • Europe: Camino de las Rejas 1 Nave 12 Coslada Madrid CP 28821.
      • * Italy: VIA BERNARDINO ZENDRINI 40 – CP 00148 Roma.
      • Canada: 16-C Newbridge Rd, Office # 20-105 , Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2L7.
      • This address can also be found in your email and customer application.
      • Complete the purchase
    • USA

      Full Name: Full name

      Address Line 1: 8952 NW 24th Ter, Doral, FL 33172

      Address Line 2: CR-XXXXXX

      City: Doral

      State Province Region: Florida

      ZIP: 33172

      Country: United States

      Phone Number: (305) 5009199.


      Full Name: Full name

      Address Line 1: 16-C Newbridge Rd, Office # 20-105 , Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2L7

      Address Line 2: CR-XXXXXX

      City: Etobicoke

      State Province Region: Ontario

      ZIP: M8Z 2L7

      Country: Canada

      Phone Number: (438) 4992434 / (905) 6968444


      Nombre: Full name

      Dirección 1: Camino de las Rejas 1 Nave 12 Coslada Madrid CP 28821

      Dirección 2: CR-XXXXXX

      Ciudad: Madrid

      Provincia/Región: Madrid

      Código Postal: 28821

      País: España

      Número telefónico: + 34 913486338.

    • When the seller confirms your shipment and provides you with a tracking number, you must pre-alert us your purchase to ensure that the package is timely processed.
    • Upon receipt of your package, we will notify you of receipt and shipping progress.
    • You will receive a call from Liberty to confirm the availability of the package to be picked up at the store of your choice or to arrange the delivery.

It is important to take into account the following:

  • We are not responsible for damage to merchandise due to poor packaging by the supplier or online store.
  • We do not repack and do not consolidate merchandise. Each package is processed individually.
  • Before shipping, please check the list of prohibited items to enter each country.
  • Due to the fragility of some items, we do not accept the shipment of Screens, Televisions, Monitors, ceramic stoves, crockery and all related products.

Things you should know about shopping online

Take action with the Internet Purchase Box

How do I get a Box?

For every international shipment or online purchases, you need a Box, you must be registered in the destination country where you want to receive.

What are prohibited items?

There is a large number of items that are not allowed to be exported or imported in certain countries. These are customs restrictions of each country that require special permits to comply with the shipments.

Do you want to be a business ally?

Join the great Liberty Express family, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, connecting every day with new destinations, bringing joy to thousands of loved ones and shortening the distance with just one shipment.

How do I choose my delivery location?

Find the location of the nearest store by clicking on the contact option of each country.

How to track my package?

Find out the exact location and status of your shipment in the tracking option of each country

What to do when I receive my package?

Our customers must check their package(s) inside a Liberty Express store, in front of our staff at the time of picking it up or at delivery time. The client has three months (90 days) to pick up his/her package(s), counted from the momment it is in «Available» status, if it doesn`t pick it up within that period the package is considered «Definitive Abandonment». Once the package is definitively abandoned Liberty Express will have the right to dispose of it without the client being able or having the right to claim any compensation.