Win by Prealerting

How to Prealert your purchase?

Win by Prealerting

What is the Pre-alert?

It is a notification made by the customer after making the purchase and before the packages arrive at our warehouses. It should indicate the content and value of the packages, as well as shipping information. The benefit of pre-alerting your purchases is that it facilitates the identification of incoming packages, and allows us to match it with your Box ID. This process speeds up the shipment and generates a discount for the customer up to 5% on shipping costs.

How does package pre-alert work?

  • Complete your online purchase
  • Wait for shipping confirmation from the seller.
  • Get the tracking information or tracking number sent to you by the seller.
  • Enter to the Liberty Express customer application, find the Pre-alert section, fill out the form and you’re all set.
  • Upon receive of your package, our system will take all the information from the pre-alert notification. Your package will be matched with your account and processed faster. Additionally, you will get a 5% discount on the freight value of the shipment of that package.

Actions associated with the Pre-alert