Air shipping rate Online shopping Box in the United States to Costa Rica

Air Freight 

Fixed Rate: 

1 pound: 6 USD 

2 pounds: 9 USD

Cost per additional pound:

Up to 13 pounds: 2.64 USD/lb 

Up to 24.99 pounds: 2.50 USD/lb 

Up to 100 pounds: 2.40 USD/lb 

Up to 200 pounds: 2.20 USD/lb 

From 200.01: 2.10 USD / lb 

Other Charges

Fuel: 19% of air freight value 

Insurance: 2% of item`s value 

Delivery (GAM): 2.31 USD + IVA per package Delivery (Outside the GAM): 

1Kg: 2.35 USD 

Additional kg: 0.50 USD 


All packages entering the country must go through customs and are subject to the payment of taxes. The customs handling fee is charged according to the CIF value of the Package. Customs taxes will be reflected in the final bill.

CIF Value of the package

1 USD – 25 USD: 3 USD

26 USD – 100 USD: 5 USD

101 USD – 500 USD: 10 USD

501 USD – 1,000 USD: 35 USD


Packages or loads containing more than 10 items of the same type from Canada, Europa, USA or China for a value greater than $ 900 of CIF (cost of the product, insurance, freight) will have a different amount in the following items:


Customs and Warehousing 



Domestic DistributionNOTE: If you want to ship a larger amount than indicated, contact us at [email protected] 

NOTA: Si desea traer una mayor cantidad a la indicada, comuníquese al correo [email protected]om ask for a quote and thus avoid additional charges.