Airlift rate from Costa Rica to Dominican Republic

Air Freight:

From 0 to 2 lbs.: 20 USD

Additional Lbs.: 6.50 USD (each)

Insurance: 5% of declared value

Airport Fee: 1.20 USD for each pound.

Distribution: 2 USD for each pound.


Flat Rate: 20 USD per document not exceeding 1 kilo.


• These rates do not include IVA.

• The insurance is calculated based on the value declared by the client.

• We charge the higher value between weight and volume

• Any package with a declared value from 1 to 200 US dollars is tax free. Packages that exceed 200 US dollars are considered high-value items and must pay taxes for customs.

To receive a package in the Dominican Republic you must be 

registered in the RUA system (Single Customs Registry). If you are a foreigner, you must register in the with your passport.